STAC Computers accepts returns on merchandise from select manufacturers within 30 days by following the returns procedure outlined on this page. Returns within 30 days can be for exchange, replacement, refund or credit at STAC’s discretion. If your return merchandise is accepted a credit will be posted following receipt of the merchandise in the same manner as payment was made. In some circumstances, returns may be accepted after 30 days and a credit can be issued for future purchases. Please contact your account manager with any questions.

To obtain a Return Authorization Contact your account manager. The following information will be needed:
  • Customer Name
  • Customer PO or STAC Order Number
  • Product Part Number/Description
  • Item Serial Number
  • Product box condition- opened/mfg sealed
  • Reason for Return Request
  • Action to be taken (replacement/repair/credit)
Pricing and in-stock availability fluctuate regularly throughout the day on many products. Orders are filled on a first come, first served basis so at times we are unable to guarantee same day shipping. STAC will work to ensure orders are fulfilled quickly and that customers are informed of potential delays or price fluctuations promptly.

Shipping charges vary by order and are based upon the weight, location and delivery method. STAC strives to reduce shipping charges and bills only actual costs incurred for your order. We do not add handling fees or hidden costs.